AnPyLar - The Python web front-end framework

Create web applications with elegance, simplicity and yet full power with Python and components

A Sample Component

This is a very simple component which simply displays Hello on-screen. Check the Playground for a lot more samples with advanced functionality

AnPyLar Editor

Type your code and take it to the AnPyLar Playground for live testing

Get Doc-Started

Visit the Tutorial and develop an application from the bottom up to polish your skills

GitHub Repo

Use the source, Luke! It's open source and it will be

Stack Overflow

Or go to Stack Overflow and use the #anpylar tag to ask questions or find them


We thought you may need them ... because we did!

Reactive programming and Promises

Fully documented and with a complete tutorial

Python standard formatting as templates

Modular approach with reusable components

Scoped styling for components

Integrated routing engine


See the Tour of Pyroes live in action!

MISSION: Empower all Python programmers to work not only on the back-end but also on the front-end with the same language of choice

VISION: A world where Python takes over Javascript ... Remember it's a vision!

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